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Scientific studies


In vitro assessment of cerumenolytic activity of CERUCLEAR on human earwax plugs.

The cerumenolytic activity was evaluated by the reduction of earwax plugs in weight.


After 1 hour of incubation, 61 % of earwax mass was dissolved.


The results of the study helped demonstrate a significant effect of CERUCLEAR on dissolving human earwax.


Tolerance, effectiveness and acceptability of CERUCLEAR intended to prevent appearance of earwax. Test under ENT control.

As part of the study protocol, CERUCLEAR was evaluated in a test under the supervision of ENT specialists for 21 days on 59 individuals and was effective on:

  • reduction of the collected earwax amount,
  • softening of the earwax.

The product was well tolerated. It was also perceived as effective and well appreciated.




Clinical effectiveness:

A significant reduction in the amount of collected earwax was observed by the ENT specialist and the quality of earwax was significantly improved.

The product was considered effective by the physician with respect to:

  • softening earwax for 96 % of individuals,
  • regulating earwax production for 94 % of individuals,
  • preventing appearance of earwax for 90 % of individuals.


Perceived effectiveness

The product was perceived as effective by:

  • 86% of volunteers with respect to gentle cleansing, 
  • 82% with respect to elimination of excess earwax, 
  • 77% with respect to preventing appearance of earwax and regulating earwax production.


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